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An independent publication providing Operating Insights and Resources for leaders at Technology companies to effectively operate under Private Equity management.

A Brave New World

The rise of software as an asset class across Private Equity (PE) investments has seen a rise over the last few years, with an increased appetite in buying up Enterprise B2B SaaS companies, in order to generate returns for their investors.

Under PE management, as an operators, you will be expected to increase your operational maturity, minimize risks, accelerate execution of key initiatives and deliverables and ultimately scale and grow your business in order to meet investment objectives.  And this is typically done on the clock so that returns can be generated for investors in a timely manner (think 3 to 6 years).

Depending on the PE firm's structure and in-house capabilities, you might be on your own to figure out how to achieve objectives set out in the Investment Thesis and Financial Models which informed the purchase of your company.  This is especially true if the PE firm doesn't have an Operating Team (or a fairly small one) to help guide their portfolio companies.

To be successful in the new world, you need to change your mindset and operate your company through the lens of the investor while still not losing sight of your customers, the very reason why you were acquired to begin with.

Are you and your team equipped to develop the right strategies and execute initiatives with speed in order to grow revenues, increase retention rates and scale out operations while growing COGS at a non-linear rate?

If the above statement sounds foreign to you or if you don't have the right strategies and tactics to achieve those objectives, read on.

Our Audience

While someone working in the Software industry might find insights and resources useful on this site, it is primarily optimized for portfolio operators and advisory teams under PE management to help with strategies and tactics to facilitate key initiatives towards a path of exit.  

Operating Executive
▪ An executive in a Technology company in either Marketing, Sales, Talent, Product or Technology
▪ Interested in learning about metrics that move the investment needle
▪ Want to acquire knowledge on how to select the right strategies and tactics to operate in the new world
▪ Needs to grow the business inorganically through M&A tuck-ins
Portfolio Operations
▪ You are part of the Portfolio Operations team at a PE firm focused on value creation initiatives across Marketing, Sales, Talent, Product or Technology
▪ Want to learn strategies and tactics towards improving investment metrics and guiding your portfolio teams to desired business outcomes
▪ Acquire knowledge on how to run diligence to support your investment teams
Founder/Management Looking to Sell to PE
▪ Part of the leadership looking to exit to a PE firm
▪ Interested in learning about metrics that investors care about
▪ Improve the operations of your business to raise valuations
▪ Preparing yourself for diligence


➡️ Understand key metrics that drive investment decisions
➡️ Learn how to align strategies to meet investment objectives
➡️ Playbooks you can use to execute tactics
➡️Develop strong business and investment acumen in your functional area

Who is behind this site?

This site is brought to you and maintained by Surinder Singh.

Another day on Zoom

Surinder is a business oriented leader working at the intersection of Finance, Product and Technology to support buy-side transactions through diligence and value creation initiatives.  

A recent Technology Executive at one of the leading Software focused PE firms, Surinder partnered with portfolio companies to facilitate value creation initiatives and supported investment teams with product and technology diligence to assess R&D organizations for their operational maturity, leadership potential and technology platforms to identify investment risk and identify early opportunities for value creation.  Surinder conducted 90+ diligence assessments to support ~$15B in capital deployed across a variety of fund families.

As an Operator, Surinder is experienced building, shipping and managing numerous software products from inception, across positions such as CTO, VP of Engineering and Technology Advisor.  

Whiteboarding during a workshop session

Skillful in running workshops with C-Suite and Management teams to develop trust and influence, in order to drive alignment and build consensus towards making decisions, taking actions and driving to desired outcomes.

Surinder is also skilled at balancing highly strategic thinking across Finance, Marketing, Product and Technology with low-level tactical activities to ensure successful alignment and execution of strategy to achieve desired business outcomes.

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